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CMNM (clothed male / naked male) as a form of exhibitionism

I will have to say that I certainly make the definition of CMNM broader than the 'let's play undress you" type of sexual activities that's it typically described or defined as. In my (humble) opinion it is much broader and involves a whole lot of more sexually-implicit behaviors than just costuming or getting out of 'clothes/costumes" - although I agree with most everything that's been said, it somehow just seems bigger and NOT just a very small narrow pet-perversion or fetish that some people who make it out to be. (Not that I am trying to defend it). It's just that I see the definition of what counts as male homoerotic passion / desires to have much deeper and wider roots - but I 'always' get knee-deep in BS about this time of year... so take what I say with a good dose of lime juice and tequila (LOL).

How does 'flashing' or male-to-male exhibitionism count as a CMNM activity or experience?

What some people have denied that 'flashing' or 'innocent exposure' or peekaboo exhibitionism is CMNM but I believe it is another type of CMNM experience.

Here is what constitutes CMNM for me (I was referring specifically to a photograph or a scene in a movie when I said this but it think it applies (almost equally as well) to real and live encounters, and also trying to show that 'flashing' is a form of CMNM behavior.

a) it has the main elements of CMNM: a naked guy (at least one) and some clothed ones (at least one) and importantly it has a context (presumably a real or authentic situation).

b) there is some interaction between them.. so the idea of 'relationship' or friendship or male bonding or being buddies is strongly communicated.
It's is NOT just superficially flashing an erect penis to strangers and then hitting the road to get out of there. While I am not saying absolutely anything negative about flashing, I am just trying to say how CMNM is different from only flashing - related but still different.

c) to be CMNM I think it has a context (a 'seemingly' real and authentic social situation. It almost tells a story and a story that is not ONLY about sex or sexually exposing your genitals. There is a situation implied in a CMNM scent -- because the participants ALL have have a reason (plausibly ridiculous or even completely and genuinely real) for being there and for the nudity which is an important part (sometimes the most critical one) in that content.
d) Sexual arousal is NOT the only focus of the CNMN scene (or the situation) -- while it may be important or (insignificant) the nudity and what it communicates to the guys involved (clothed or nude) is only part of the whole human interaction.

e) I could keep on going but I've probably lost most of the readers... by now...

I think you can all think of other representative examples of another CMNM situation - some guys getting their buddy naked (as a prank or frat antics or college roommate joke).. You'll have to image the 'narrative' or context/situation for yourself.
Such scenes seem to strike at the heart of what the hidden attraction of CMNM is --even for straight males. We (and they too) easily (and sometimes frequently) use being naked (or forced nudity) to interact non-sexually and for male bonding 'rituals' .... some of them/us (much later - 20 years later for example) return to those same memories with great fondness and often a lot of unfulfilled desire...

You all KNOW there is some truth in that in what I'm saying because those earlier experiences and CMNM-type events are so strongly embedded in our minds. I have heard that theme over and over again here on JUB, and many other gay discussion boards and social networking sites. I am sure that many JUB members who read/participate in the Male-to-Male forums are haunted by those type of early CMNM memories from their boyhood and teen years -- and sometime -- instinctively, we may be trying to recreate them - so call it dickflashing when, in fact.. we are just trying to return to the almost innocent naked camaraderie we used to engage in adolescent, teen and and post-adolescent years through early adulthood. I strongly believe it was the repression of these 'feelings' that made us what we are today - both for good and for bad (or worse...), but that's the rest of the story.
Since the so-called Gay Liberation from the 80s (actually long before) and the public media's acceptance of Gay themes and characters as mainstream (90/00s') .. global consciousness about male sexuality and homosexuality has broadened and become (somewhat) enlightened .. so today's young men (may or may not) have to suffer such repressed 'desire' or stifled ways of communicating/bonding with other men. That's another issue that needs to be explored - although most of you probably don't think that this site is the proper 'forum' to do that... but I would argue it is the ONLY place we can discuss it and learn and grow from that shared discussion.