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Here is a page you can write about CMNM fantasies. The purpose of this page is for contributors to describe the kind of CMNM (clothed male naked male) situations they would like to encounter. Who knows...? Someone out there may just be ready to turn your fantasy role-play into a reality.

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One of the fantasies I would love to do one day is to go nude on a picnic with a fully-clothed man. He would pick me up at my place and I would get into his car completely nude, without any clothing in hand to cover up with. Of course I need to watch out for neighbors (mixed urban neighborhood) but I would only be nude between the house and the car for a few seconds.

Once we are on our way to the picnic spot we chat casually not mentioning my nudity at first. But as we approach the picnic spot we have to be a little careful. We pick a quiet spot away from most people and get out of the car with our picnic things. I feel safer once I am seated on the picnic blanket, not quite so visible.

We have lunch and talk in the warm breezy sunshine. It feels so good to be nude but I like that my date is fully dressed. We both like that he can see every inch of my nude body but I cannot see any of his (other than face and hands!). I sit so I am between the cooler and the totebag so that most people would have to get very close to see I am nude.

When we are done we get back in the car, me still as nude as the day I was born. And once home I have to get in nude!