Welcome to our CMNM Wiki! (for guys into clothed male / naked male scenes)

Getting Started - First browse this Wiki and join one of our Guys Into CMNM social networks.

There are (at least) 3-4 (not-very-active) CMNM social networking groups - this Wiki is NOT one of these social networks. Instead, this WIKI on Wikispaces is the storehouse of our collected knowledge and information for resources related to Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) situations. Read the CMNM - Defined page to find out what CMNM is.

We are NOT A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE. This is a Wiki. A Wiki is a site that allows its users to write, expand, edit and revise its own content. It's meant to be a resource for people to find useful information on a topic, and hopefully, a Wiki can be a comprehensive wealth of such information.

Becoming a member of this CMNM.WikiSpaces.com is for people who wish to write, contribute, and edit the pages of the CMNM Wikispaces. Without any other qualifications than "Hi, I like cmnm," I don't think you appear ready to apply for that work (researching / writing/ editing) - although it is for volunteers. Simply applying to join with no apparent qualifications will be rejected. However, we still want you to be a part of our virtual communities. Please find one of them to join, or create your own (real or Internet-only group).

Real (off-line) CMNM events, parties, and meet-ups are scheduled irregularly all over the world.
Look for a CMNM event near you soon or volunteer to help set one up in your location:
Visit the CMNM Event page on Eventbrite:

or try MeetUp London CMNM at http://www.meetup.com/londoncmnm/
or Evite.

Join a CMNM online group:

You are probably interested in joining a social networking community of Guys into CMNM.
Therefore, I encourage you to join and become active in one of the following groups. At least, visit the blog, make comments on posts, and if you can, please ask to contribute a story to the blog or to this Wikispace.

Guys into CMNM Guys into CMNM blog http://guysn2cmnm.blogspot.com
. You can find more of the Guys Into CMNM blog content on:


We also have two other sites, where you ca see CMNM pics and meet other guys interested in it:


In the case of Tumblr, they are more than simply blogs. They are blog-groups. You can contribute your pics or post blog entries, you can also reblog (to Tumblr if you have one), and you can locate info on other members. If you'd like to become an editor for one of them, please visit one of them and message me (or leave a comment).

Guys Into CMNM Ring of Social Networks - pick out the one that suits you.

NOTE: As of 2011, many formerly friendly (for gay and adult sexual content) have not closed down or banned our content.

In other cases, the hosting company has started charging to monthly fee to be hosted on their - either because they ahe been somewhat successful or they are hoping to get some income. Sexual explicit social networks signed up in droves on many earlier social network sites (alternative to MySpace and Facebook, etc) but they were kicked out once the company wanted to go legit. Thankfully, Wikispaces is a different type of Internet service (at least for now). They are allowing us to host information here about CMNM - but that is all it is -- only information.


I created a mashup of various web social services, blogs, forums, Wiki, etc and put them together on the following page:
You don't actually need to join anything to enjoy moving about through various sites and pages to simulate being in 'an integrated social network.'

Tribe.net http://www.tribe.net -- Tribe is an older social network that existed before Facebook gained popularity.
It's focused on alternative lifestyle, specific shared interests, and virtual life. It's free to join but not all 'tribes' are public. Once you join, you can ask someone (only another member can do so) to invite you to a private group. There is a CMNM group on Tribe.
However, you need an invitation to join this private tribe. Contact me on Tribe.net and I can give you an invitation to join it:

I have started by own public tribe called Homoerantics (Homoerotic Antics). It's strongly related to CMNM but it's broader than that. It's about homoerotic behavior, particularly college pranks and antics guys pull on other guys, including hazing, etc.
(Related sites and links can be found on Posterous http://homoerantics.posterous.com - which is both a blog and a group . You can either follow or become a contributor on Posterous or on our companion Tumblr: http://homoerantics.tumblr.com/

See our CmNm page on Facebook:
Guys Into CMNM (Facebook page)
(A few CMNM groups also exist but they are not as popular as this Page on FB above.)

Pridesites CMNM

The adhoc mash-up site for several CMNM blogs and social networks is located at:

For additional info and links to other Web Resources for CMNM, see side menu of CMNM Wikispaces pages.

Kelly (sunbuns / sunbunz ) editor, manager

Becoming a Contributor or editor of this CMNM Wikispaces -

Members of the above groups or other independent CMNM or related groups are asked to share their stories, opinions and experiences via blogs, the Wall or the Magazine or in discussion topics. Those who are active contributors can be invited to become Wikispaces page co-editors or co-editors / managers for the social networking groups.

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  • Once you've been approved (usually requires a day or two). Note: Not just anyone is eligible to become a member or have co-editing rights. You need to show that you will be a contributor (so I recommend that you contribute to one of our blogs or discussions on one of the other sites first).
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